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Artisans making authentic reproductions. Due to the gradual depletion of NOS stock and the unavailability of mass produced aftermarket parts, most items sold by KMC are now manufactured in-house or sub-contracted to small shops: metal stampings and castings, moulded plastic and rubber parts, tops and interior kits, wiring harnesses and electrical components, etc.  Our craftsmen continue to amaze us (and you) with their attention to detail and concourse quality products.

Manufacturing Authentic Reproductions:
Want to see how we make our parts? Click on the following to see how our craftsmen manufacture Authentic Reproduction parts.

Metal Stampings: Grill Surrounds

Metal Castings: Chrome handles, hinges, body trim, and ornaments

Moulded Plastic: Knobs, handles, lights and lenses, medallions and badges, distributor caps, and rotors

Moulded Rubber: Seals and gaskets

Electrical: Wiring harnesses, distributor caps, and rotors

Sheet Metal: floor pans and patch panels

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