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Due to the diversity of British cars and their age, it is not uncommon to find features that have been changed or modified by previous owners. With the passage of time, in some cases, these changes/modifications may be difficult to spot and appear to be original. To provide the correct part for your vehicle, it is essential that you provide accurate identification information in addition to the make, model and year of your vehicle:

Engine Number:
The engine number is typically stamped on a plate secured to the right-hand side of the cylinder block.
You'll need this number to order any engine parts.


Data Plate: This brass rectangular plate is found on the right side of the firewall. Contains the body number, model (hardtop or convertible), trim (refers to upholstery) and paint codes. Note the plate below with the Chassis serial number.

Chassis Serial Number:
The chassis number is stamped on a hexagon aluminum plate secured to the right-hand side of the firewall, door post, or chassis member beneath the bonnet (hood). Typically, this number starts with an "E" and is the VIN. You'll need this number when ordering parts as there are 'running' production changes, not model year changes.

If you are having problems locating your ID plates, give us a call at 888-243-0440 and we'll help you locate them!

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