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1951 Jowett Jupiter

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Finished Vehicle - Restoration as Required

Jupiters won their class at LeMans three years in a row; 1949-51, something unheard of for a small manufacturer.

Many people mistake it for a Jaguar XK120.

With only 60 bhp, Jupiters aren't particularly fast, but they stick like glue when cornering, even with bias ply tires.

Hubcaps were fitted after delivery.

Front bumper and apron were fabricated from scratch.

Rear bumper is split to allow access to spare tire door.  License plates not yet fitted.

Entire bonnet assembly hinges up for engine access.

Water pump is located on top of the horizontally opposed four cylinder engine, with radiator mounted behind.  All are connected together with six radiator hoses! (more if fitted with accessory heater)

Rectangular compartment under switch panel was alternatively used as location for accessory radio.

Jupiters were sold in left and right hand drive versions with four speed column gearshift.

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