1957 Metropolitan

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Restored from the ground up with extensive metal work, this cute hardtop Metropolitan
is solid, safe, and sound. 

Located in central Missouri and currently in storage, this AMC early '1500',  Model 562, Sunburst Yellow P910/Snowberry White P909 has approx 54,758 miles. Engine overhaul at 54,583. Call Kip Motor for details.

1957 Met Model 562

Enjoying new Met.

Restored to authentic specifications

Fun to drive.

Upon Arrival @ KMC

Before work

Rust on rear fender weld

Engine compartment

Rust on door sill

Data plate

Typical Midwestern car...rust

More rust on front left inner windshield pillar

Carpet removal exposed extensive rust on drivers side floor.

Left hand hinge pillar after removal of fender.

Left hand hinge, base of
 handbrake lever.

Underside of stripped body shell before sand blasting.

Close-up of structural rust - right
hand rear spring hanger.

Left front upper spring mount -  more structural rust.

Left hand door after sandblasting. Green and light area are old body filler which must be removed.

Back of door before metal repair.

Left rear spring hanger after
sand blasting.

Same outer section with wasted metal being repaired or replaced.

New left tail light bracket being
fabricated and fitted.

Left rear fender removed revealed major collision damage.

New metal repair on left hand fender

Replacement section for left inner fender

Uggh...more rust

Right rear inner fender during
rust repair.

Right inner fender during
rust repair

New beading strip fitted prior to re installation of right rear fender

Right rear inner fender and sill
after repair

Right rear fender during installation of lower
repair section

Right front door pillar after repairs

Right front floor, firewall and door pillar
after repair

rusted parts removed

New floor center hump

Removal of left side sill- notice the replacement part over rusted sill.

Body during block sanding phase after application of body fillers and sandable primers.

The block sanding, glazing, priming process is repeated several times to eliminate small flaws.

Contrast color is
painted first.
Snowberry White.

Contrast color allowed to dry several days, then masked off before application of primary color.

Primary color applied even underneath.

Primary color is
Sunburst Yellow, P910.

Inside doors too.

Inside, outside, and upside down - primary color applied.

Left side of body shell after removal of masking.

Underside after application of
rubberized undercoating.

Original black and white check interior for Mid Mets.

Back seat cushion and back plus wheel well covers prior to installation

Panel set for Mid Met

Re-assembly of vehicle with rebuilt engine, heater, voltage regulator, starter switch and new hiring harness.

Fitment of dash with components

Right front suspension rebuilt
and refitted.

Rear springs installed.

Fuel tank after cleaning, etching,
sealing, and painting.

Windshield installed. 





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