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1962 Metropolitan

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Restoration as Required

This partially restored Series IV '561' convertible  Metropolitan arrived mostly disassembled with primer over filler and rust holes. The owner wanted to restore "as required" to end up with a nice quality driver for his wife.

Vehicle ready for primer, then paint.

Filler was removed, metal and  rust holes repaired. Sills were rusted through, a frequent problem with Metropolitans.

Frost White and Berkshire Green were original color codes.

Engine was completely rebuilt at this time.

Engine overhaul completed and painted waiting for final assembly.

Sill repair; most Metropolitans coming in need new sills.

Paint has to harden for several days before final assembly of wiring harness, dash, interior, exterior chrome, and top.

Right sill repair. New sill welded into place.

"Unwrapping" after paint application. 

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