1940 Chevrolet Suburban

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"Team Chevrolet"
Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2013

Kip Motor acted as a consultant on this project for Team Chevrolet.

Technicians assisted with final assembly of components, dash gauges, and interior to fit out Suburban.

Several components were rebuilt; air filter was totally replaced to handle the sands of the Gobi dessert.

Preparing grill for chroming.

Making and installing the headlining and trim pieces.

Headlining complete

Craftsman made several pieces like this gas pedal to fit the modified vehicle to withstand the grueling pace of a 7,600 mile race.

Modifying hood latch

Read the Team Chevrolet blog by 3rd generation Young on Father-Son adventure.


Official website of the Endurance Rally Association 5th Peking to Paris Rally


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