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Convertible top, vinyl

Convertible top, vinyl – snap on type Lift-A-Dots(Black on Black Pinpoint Vinyl, is a two ply composite made of a PVC outer layer and a cotton lining fabric.) Fits: Berkeley, All

Price $562.65

Part# C-BK2

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Tonneau, vinyl

Tonneau, vinyl – Black. Shipped with Lift-a-Dot snaps to be installed to match the pattern on your vehicle.; Berkeley, All

Price $308.55

Part# TN-BK1

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Berkeley Convertible Top Canvas Snap On

Tonneau, canvas

Tonneau, canvas – Tan. Shipped with Lift a Dots to fit the pattern on your vehicle. Snaps are not installed.; Berkeley, All

Price $465.85

Part# TN-BK1C

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Side curtain set (X)

Side curtain set (X) (X) indicates rebuilt items sold exchange only. Send us your rebuildable curtain frames.; Berkeley, All

Price $695.75

Part# SC-BK1

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