Our mission is to provide you with the parts, expertise and information required to restore and maintain your British, European and Domestic exotic vintage vehicle(s) to the highest level of authenticity and originality.

We accomplish that goal through:

  • an extensive knowledge of British automobiles and their history, culture, craftsmanship, marketing and manufacturing processes i.e. Carchaeology.
  • a comprehensive inventory of parts — new-old-stock, used, new production and authentic reproductions.
  • our passionate desire to promote and protect relics of our historical past.
  • employing craftsmen and technicians that are passionate about¬† maintaining and restoring vehicles to the highest level of authenticity.

If you are beginning a restoration project, in the middle of one, or just maintaining your vehicle, give the experts a call for parts, service and technical help. After all, One Call Does It All!

1955 Jaguar XK 140


Today, Kip Motor Company employs eleven carchaeologist comprised of experienced journey men and women as well as apprentices and interns with almost 200 years of combined experience. By employing a combination of old-world skills, our knowledge of period manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge technology, we can ensure yesterday’s antique/collector vehicle can be restored, maintained, and preserved for current and future generations to enjoy.

Brandon Foster - Senior Sales Representative

Brandon Foster

Senior Sales and Customer Service Representative
**20 years**

Brandon is the senior customer service representative, but also has a lot of experience rebuilding parts – particularly electrical components, steering boxes and water pumps. Since joining KMC in 2004, he’s picked up quite a bit of British car knowledge on the job and is often referred to as the ‘stump meister’. An “Air Cooled” Volkswagen aficionado, Brandon’s dream car is a 356 Porsche, although anything fast makes his day.

Iain MacLeod - Master Carchaeologist

Ian MacLeod

Master Carchaeologist & Engine Builder
**25 years**

Iain oversees the engine and gearbox rebuilding projects at Kip Motor and assists with the mechanical restorations. He has experienced all elements of restoration and service during his career at KMC and has developed quite the knack for tracking down electrical gremlins. He first joined KMC in 1999 as a customer service representative before moving into the service & restoration end of the operation. Prior to joining KMC, he worked in the retail auto parts industry. Born in Quebec, Iain is bilingual and can handle calls from French speaking customers. His wish list car is a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible – the epitome vehicle of the 70’s.

Juan Garcia, Master Carchaeologist

Juan Garcia

Master Carchaeologist, Body Restoration
**15 years**

First coming to Kip Motor as a body and paint apprentice in 2009, Juan has spent his years with KMC focused on honing his skills in the art of body restoration. He is now a Master Carchaeologist in charge of all metalwork, bodywork, and painting for our restoration projects.

David Spradling, Master Carchaeologist

Dave Spradling

Director of Research & Development, Master Carcheologist
**33 years**

A very talented artisan, Dave holds degrees in Math and Physics from East Texas State University. Joining KMC in July of 1991, his primary responsibilities of product development and manufacturing consume most of his time, although his technical and training skills are likely to be engaged during any phase of vehicle troubleshooting, restoration, and repair.

Master Carchaeologist Gayle MacLeod

Gayle MacLeod

Senior Fabricator and Seamstress, Master Carchaeologist
**18 years**

An avid Studebaker fan, Gayle joined KMC in 2006 as an apprentice with Dave manufacturing rubber and plastic authentic reproductions. With her attention to detail, Gayle has produced some complicated lamp assemblies and bonnet badges and she has pretty much taken over the kitchen cooking up polymers. She also works out in the upholstery department assembling interior kits and does a fine job making wiring harnesses. A classic pre-war sedan; Packard, Pierce Arrow or Studebaker would make her happy. Are you listening Bob?

Master Carchaeologist - Bob MacLeod

Bob MacLeod

Master Carcheologist and Restoration Technician
**25 years**

After fourteen years of answering technical and parts questions, Bob retired May 2012 from Kip Motor Company to tinker on his own projects – namely his Corvette, Studebakers and collection of model aircraft. He returned to KMC in 2014 to work part time on our restoration projects. A native of New England, Bob migrated around North America in his career as a computer service and support technician before joining Kip Motor Company in 1998.

New Apprentice Name

Service Technician, Apprentice Carchaeologist

If you have two years of automotive technology classes at a High School level, Community College or College, understand how automotive systems work, and enjoy working with your hands breathing the life into a barn find, or vehicle that hasn’t run in a few years, then come join the Kip Motor team.

We’ll train you on diagnosing, repairing, servicing, tearing down and re-assembling vintage and classic automobiles. You’ll learn the history of British automobiles, target markets, and why British vehicles are so, very British! Plus, you’ll be a member of our team working on unique vehicles – domestic & foreign – learning old world skills from our team members.

From part-time to full-time, student to retiree, send your resume to or call, 972-243-0440. We are always looking to add passionate folks to our team.

Master Carcheologist- Jon Waldron

Jon Waldron

Master Carchaeologist
**7 years**

Kip Motor met Jon when he was restoring his MG B back in 2014. Jon evaluated several vendors to perform body work and paint on his “B” and liked the talent he saw at Kip Motor. A year after the body shell was painted Iris Blue, Jon returned to show us his assembled and running MGB. We were thrilled to see his accomplishments (you can see his photos on our restoration page).

Several years after he retired as a design engineer for Flextronics in the telecommunications industry, Jon joined Kip Motor Company in 2017, part time, and brought with him his mechanical expertise in all things MG, Jaguar, and Triumph.  Since then, the Dallas native keeps busy on return-to-service projects and restorations and is our go-to master for carburetor tune ups. During the COVID years, Jon worked on rebuilding carburetors at home and has continued that trend post COVID rebuilding gearboxes as well.

Luke Lindley, Parts Production Apprentice

Luke Lindley

Parts Production Specialist, Apprentice Carchaeologist
**4 years**

A 2020 Graduate of McPherson College with a BS in Automobile Restoration Technology, Luke joined us as an Intern the summer of 2020 in our Parts Production Department. With a mechanical knack and desire to understand how all things work, Luke fit right in with our Production team. By the end of the summer, he was promoted to Apprentice¬† making authentic reproductions for both Kip Motor’s restoration projects, KipAero’s aviation projects and for our customers. As Luke states, “crafting or making things give me a satisfaction that not much else does.”

In Luke’s spare time, you can find him playing or programming video games, fixing his Corvette and tinkering on his Jeep. The car of his dreams is a Willy’s Jeep MB like the one his Grandfather had teaching him how to drive.

Kip Lankenau, President Kip Motor Company

Kip Lankenau (aka Yoda)

Chief Carchaeologist & Restoration Manager, Co-Owner
**33 years**

Founder and driving force behind KMC, Kip is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Business Administration. A member of the Antique Automobile Club of America by the age of five, antique automobiles, history and flying are his lifelong passion.

Retired from serving Circle Ten Council BSA as the OA Chapter Advisor and various other District positions,  Kip is focused on fulfilling the required 40 hours of flight time in his authentic reproduction Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter for certification. Kip has served on the board of directors of a number of charitable and other groups, including the British Motor Trade Association and as Director of National Activities, Central Division for the Antique Automobile Club of America, also having served several terms as President of the Texas Region AACA. It is not uncommon to find him on the phone with Rolls-Royce or the National Museum of the United States Air Force, or similar organizations, discussing issues with various aviation artifacts or just walking them through the proper procedure for starting an early aero engine.

Debra L - Administrator

Debra Lankenau

Chief Administrator, Co-Owner
**20 years**

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Debra’s responsibilities include: marketing, web-site management, event coordination, service scheduling and back office project management for Kip Motor Co. and KipAero.

For years, her daily driver was a Humber Super Snipe Series III, although on weekends she might be spotted in her Metropolitan convertible or the family 1957 Lincoln Premier (lots of space for the kids when they were little). Now days, Debra’s daily driver is a¬† modern vehicle, a 1997 Jaguar XJ6.¬† Currently, she is still semi-active in scouting, serving as Chartering Org Representative for Troop 759, a scout group for girls 11-18 through Boy Scouts of America. In her spare time, she serves as a crew member with Kip’s Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter project and working to conserve native grasses & forbs on the family, 60-acre original Choctaw land allotment in Overbrook, OK. #Chahta Cross.

Curren Harris, Apprentice Carcheologist

Curren Harris

Service & Restoration Project Lead, Carchaeologist
**5 years**

Curren first joined Kip Motor Company as an Intern during his Junior summer while attending McPherson College. After graduating with a BS in Automotive Restoration Technology in May of 2020 and visiting family in Virginia, Curren joined us full-time as an Apprentice in our Service & Restoration department. Curren enjoys diagnosing engine and mechanical issues and loves to solve problems. In January 2023, Curren became the Project Lead on the Service & Restoration projects in the shop.

As a youngster, his Dad taught him how to handle a wrench working together on the family’s TR8. Since that time, Curren has been working on car related projects ever since. His dream car is the iconic 1965 Shelby GT350 with its distinct sound; however, his 1967 Mustang will suffice for the time being. An Eagle Scout and active in his High School Marching Band, Curren enjoys hiking; however, nothing in North Texas compares to the hilly Appalachian trails back home.

Debra's 1961 Metropolitan


Our Beginnings: 
Kip had just started KMC as a small restoration business (mostly Studebaker, Ford & Chevrolet) when his wife, Debra, required a new vehicle. She was a salesperson with a large territory when the company she was with decided they would no longer supply cars, but would instead pay mileage. Debra soon realized a new car would be totally worn out long before it was paid for. After reviewing several options, she decided an antique convertible was the solution, a Metropolitan.

For her the car was an icebreaker. For us, it meant alot of work, as she was driving 35-50,000 miles/year. We worked on her car many evenings and most weekends keeping it roadworthy. The flip side was that within a few months, every Metropolitan within a 200 mile radius was showing up at KMC for service & restoration.   We were forced to stock a large inventory of parts, and fabricate many items that were no longer available.  In a short time (1992) we published our first catalog and went mail order to increase the inventory turnover rate.

During the Metropolitan frenzy, many customers and their friends came to us asking if we could service and supply parts for their ‘other’ British cars. As all of the popular types (Austin-Healey, MG, Triumph, etc.) were already well serviced, these people were actually inquiring about what we now call ‘orphans’ (Austin, Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam,¬† Morris, Riley, Vanden Plas, Vauxhall…etc). The first Orphan Book came out in 1994, and was an instant hit.

Since then, Kip Motor Company continues to expand our expertise including servicing and restoring many uncommon British, European and exotic domestic vehicles. Our reputation for accurate, authentic restorations vehicles is known throughout the industry. We remain committed to our customers and to the preservation and development of the skills and processes required to preserve transportation history.



All British & European Car Day Kip Motor sponsors this annual car show at Dallas’ crown jewel White Rock Lake Part the first Sunday in May. Open to any British or European vintage vehicle or motorbike, driver or show car to compete for trophies determined by popular voting.¬† This is a laid back show with…


The British Motor Trade Association Kip is a founding member of BMTA, an industry networking group aimed at keeping British car ownership fun and affordable. They are open to all businesses that serve the British car hobby: parts suppliers, restoration houses, service shops, insurance providers, event organizers, media publishers, car dealers, club officials and more….


London Vintage Taxi Association LVTA is the only club in the world dedicated to preserving historic London taxicabs and their commercial vehicle and private hire variants. Please visit their website for more info.


Metropolitan Owners’ Club of North America Inc Kip & Debra have supported MOCNA since 1987 as it is a wealth of information for Metropolitan owners. We encourage all Met owners to join because of these benefits: To bring together all those people who, own, admire, and enjoy The Metropolitan. To share information, give advice, and…