Core Charges

Many parts listed in our catalog and online are based on rebuilt parts using “cores” because new parts are no longer available. Kip Motor Company has the technical skills and know-how to rebuild these parts to keep your vehicle on the road for future generations to enjoy. However, we depend on receiving your rebuildable “core” to rebuild for you or a future customer.

So, when you see an (X) following a part description – that indicates the part is rebuilt using your core since we don’t have any. We have to receive your core first to rebuild it, then we ship it back to you. It’s easy!

Sometimes, cores are available. When you see (X)125 followed by a number in parenthesis [in this example,125] this indicates items where cores are generally available. The number represents a “core charge” that is included in the price of the part and is refunded once we receive your rebuildable core. If your core is NOT rebuildable, then the core charge will NOT be refunded.

How to Send Kip Motor your Core:
First, wipe off excess grease and dirt and wrap your core in newspaper. Place in appropriate size box. Make sure you add packaging material around the core to keep in place inside box. Please include your contact information (name, address and phone number) on a piece of paper inside the box so we know who the core belongs to. Write any special instructions you have to us. Send postage paid to:Kip Motor Company
2127 Crown Rd
Dallas, TX 75229 USA

After we receive your package, we will inspect the condition of your core and determine if it is rebuildable. We’ll let you know that we’ve received it!