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Berkeley B60 or SA322

B60 – SA322

B60 or SA322 used the Anzani 2 cyl motorcycle engine 322cc (15hp). The “60” indicates theoretical top speed. 1956; Production: 163.

B65 – SE328

Berkeley Sports SE328 was fitted with the Excelsior Talisman 328cc 2 cylinder (18hp) motorcycle engine. 1957-58; production: 1,280.

Berkeley B90 SE492

B90 – SE492

The Berkeley Sports SE492 was fitted with the Excelsior Talisman 492cc 3 cylinder (30hp) motorcycle engine. 1957; Production: 666.

B95- B105

The Berkeley B95 was fitted with the Royal Enfield “Meteor” 692cc, 2 cylinder (40hp) motorcycle engine. The B105 with Royal Enfield “Constellation” 692cc, 2cylinder (50hp) engine. Combined production:200.

T60 or T60/4

The Berkeley T60 is a three wheeled car powered by the earlier Excelsior 328cc engine. The T60/4, commonly known as the “Foursome”, also powered by the Excelsior 328cc engine had a back bench for children.