Fuel Tank - Fabricated for Berkeley MB 1051

Fuel Tank For Berkeley

Fuel tank – new production made to original specifications, please allow 4-6 weeks production; May incurr an oversize shipping charge. SE328/T60 Berkeley

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Part# MB1051

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alh895-fuel tank Nash Metropolitan Refurbished

Fuel Tank Refurbishment For Metropolitan

Fuel tank (X) Please send in your tank for refurbishing, sorry no cores are available. Tank is drained, cleaned and evaluated. Some tanks are rusting from the inside out so we cut them in half, scrap out the rust; treat and seal. Once dry, we make any repairs to exterior and plug up any pin holes. Weld two halves back together, sandblast exterior, prime and paint black. There may be additional charge depending on the condition of the tank. Refurbished tanks are far superior to any ‘conversion’ tank as those do not fit well and are not sealed on the inside.

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Price $514.25

Part# ALH895

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